Piano Improvisation Workshops

May 20, 2023

Jessica Caporizzo, instructor

Piano Improvisation I

Minimum: 1 year private piano lessons
Ages 8 – 11
Time: 11:30 am – 1 pm

For beginner- intermediate pianists, ages 8-11, students will learn how to create their own melodies through games, exercises, and piano ensemble activities while exploring different musical styles and chord progressions. As pianists grow their musical skills, it’s just as important to know how to make music without just reading notes on a page! Students will build confidence in their own playing while learning how to make music with other pianists. Come play with us!
Cost: $40 per session


Piano Improvisation II

Minimum: 2 years private piano lessons
Ages: 12-18
Time: 2-4 pm

For intermediate – advanced pianists age 12-18, this class empowers piano students to find even more elaborate and creative ways to improvise. We will work with rhythmic basslines, patterns, and chord progressions as we create more interesting and beautiful melodies. Improvising will not only bring confidence to their overall performance, but it will give them an opportunity to make music with other students by practicing skillful listening, communication, and musical expression.
Cost: $45 per session


Annual Registration Fee

Annual Registration Fee for Ensemble and Class students (non-private lesson students):
$25 per student/$20 per student for 2 or more family members

Private lesson students: no additional fee is charged for ensembles or classes if the private registration fee is paid.