Odyssey Choir

Melissa Rooklidge, Founding Artistic Director

Maia Finkel, Assistant Director 

In-Person Rehearsals
Begin September 12, 2022

In-person, mask optional.

Founded in September 2018 by Melissa Rooklidge through Opus Ithaca, the Odyssey Choir consists of three ensembles and welcomes singers of all experience levels from youth to adults. The choir takes its name from the Greek epic, The Odyssey, that recounts the many adventures of the king of Ithaca, Odysseus, on his voyage home.

Striving for excellence in healthy vocal quality, style, and performance practice, the Odyssey Choir performs a variety of exciting and beautiful repertoire. Spanning different genres, languages, and time periods, this choir takes audiences on a thrilling musical journey from the Renaissance to modern day. Odyssey Choir unites individuals and families through joyful music-making.

The three ensembles (Alpha, Phoenix and Omega) within Odyssey Choir rehearse once a week on Monday evenings during the academic year. The newly auditioned chamber ensemble, Kliros, consists of some Omega ensemble members seeking an additional singing opportunity. Ensembles perform songs independently and together in concerts.


Anyone interested in joining the Odyssey Choir needs to schedule a vocal placement audition with the director, Melissa Rooklidge (opusrooklidge@gmail.com). The vocal placement audition consists of vocal range and echo exercises, as well as singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” (a cappella- without accompaniment). Singers of all levels and experience from beginner to advanced are welcome.

Returning/current members of the Odyssey Choir may register below.

Alpha Ensemble

Ages 9-12, Unchanged Treble Voices, all genders

Monday rehearsals 5:15-6:00pm

Phoenix Ensemble

Ages 12-16, Changing Voices,
all genders

Monday rehearsals 6:15-7:00pm

Omega Ensemble

Adults, college and high school students ages 17+, SATB, all genders

Monday rehearsals 7:15-8:15pm

Kliros Ensemble

Chamber ensemble with some members from Omega

Selected Monday rehearsals 8:20-9:00pm

$160 for Fall 2022 semester (8 meetings total)

Sibling or family member discount- $140/singer for Fall 2022 semester

Dues cover the cost of music, organizational costs, and faculty.
Scholarships available

Annual Registration Fee for Ensemble and class students (non-private lesson students):
$25 per student/$20 per student for 2 or more family members

Performance Attire
All singers wear a black Odyssey Choir t-shirt for certain performances (to be purchased by the singer).

Singers in the Alpha and Phoenix ensembles wear an Odyssey performance polo for certain performances (to be purchased by the singer) and black pants and shoes (provided by the singer).

For formal performances, Omega singers wear all black (attire provided by the singer).