Adult Musicianship: Sight-Singing Class 

Melissa Rooklidge, Instructor

Starts February 16, 2022

Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00pm (10 classes)

All participants must be fully vaccinated and masked.

This course is for individuals who seek to learn and improve their singing and music reading skills. It will build musical skills through singing, reading, and writing a variety of notes and rhythms, in different keys and meters. This sight-singing class will follow a sequential curriculum utilizing solfège (“do, re, mi,” etc), to build and strengthen pitch and musicianship skills. Participants will explore a variety of rounds and folk songs to learn, sight-sing, and analyze. Beginners and participants with some previous musical experience are welcome. Come discover the joy of singing and reading music together!

Cost: $190 (10 classes)

Scholarships available


Enrollment remains open after the start date with pro-rated tuition.