Composing for Strings and Piano

Jake Gunnar Walsh, Instructor

Check back for Fall 2023 class offering!

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Have you always wanted to write original music? Or, have you ever had an idea for a song and been left wondering how to write it down? Learn the basics of writing music, improvisation, music theory, orchestration, musical notation and more.  In this class, you will have the opportunity to compose for violin, viola, cello, string bass,  piano or any combination of these instruments.  Our Fall term will culminate in a free public recital of world premieres performed by professional musicians from the Opus Ithaca community!

Open to the community!  This class is for anyone with musical experience and for those who want the experience of learning how to compose and have never had musical training.
Ages 14+ and Adults!

Cost: $290 (12 classes total, 75-minutes per class)

Annual Registration Fee

Annual Registration Fee for Ensemble and Class students (non-private lesson students):
$25 per student/$20 per student for 2 or more family members

Private lesson students: no additional fee is charged for ensembles or classes if the private registration fee is paid.