Adult Keyboard Skills: Integrated Harmony, Reading, and Improvisation

Mary Holzhauer, Instructor

Starts January 21, 2023

Saturdays from 2:00 – 3:00pm, every other week (5 classes)

An interactive piano-lab style class for adults where students will be able to learn practical theory skills and immediately experience and apply these skills through reading and improvisation. Topics will include chords, key signatures, melodic patterns, and rhythmic patterns, covering a variety of styles. Students should have at least 1 year of previous piano study, but no previous theory study is required.

Cost: $125 (5 classes total)

Scholarships available.


Enrollment remains open after the start date with pro-rated tuition.

Annual Registration Fee

Annual Registration Fee for Ensemble and Class students (non-private lesson students):

$25 per student/$20 per student for 2 or more family members

Private lesson students: no additional fee is charged for ensembles or classes if the private registration fee is paid.