College Students Program

Do you want to take private lessons while you are in Ithaca? Opus Ithaca offers an easy way to get quality teachers at an affordable rate for all students−beginners through advanced. (Please note: No college credit will be earned at Opus Ithaca.)

Cornell students, Ithaca College, and TCCC students are welcome to study music at Opus Ithaca. Our location in downtown Ithaca is easily accessible by public transportation. And sometimes a break away from campus is a real treat!

Lesson fees for college students are broken down into a more appropriate term to accommodate your time in Ithaca. (Please note that the lesson per hour is exactly the same as our regular tuition plan, but this is a shorter term based on the college semester schedule.)

Private Lesson Fees- COLLEGE SCHEDULE

Fall 2022 term for college students: September through December

Winter/Spring 2023 term for college students: January through May

30 minute lessons $432

45 minute lessons $588

60 minute lessons $780

This tuition for college students covers 12 lessons in the semester and is due at the first lesson, or can be paid in equal monthly installments.  Any more than 12 lessons will be charged per lesson.

Missed lessons:

If a student misses a scheduled lesson, it is up to the discretion of the private teacher to determine if the circumstances of the missed lesson warrants a make-up lesson. It is Opus Ithaca’s policy that any last minute cancellations (within hours), or simply “forgotten” lessons will be charged (extraordinary circumstances may be considered).

If the teacher misses a lesson−there are three possibilities: 1) a make up lesson will be given, 2) a credit will be given to the student toward the next term, or 3) money will be reimbursed to you.

Any extra lessons over the 12 in a semester can be paid “a la carte”.

Payment is made to “Opus Ithaca” by check, cash, money order, or credit card.