Cello Program for Sera Smolen’s Studio

Students in Dr. Sera Smolen’s cello studio participate in the cello program. In this program, students learn and play music together in a group class setting, socially distanced in our beautiful large studio space. They will also improvise, read music together, work with guest cellists,  and participate in our annual composition project. They receive the opportunity to perform with a professional pianist in three recitals throughout the year and in our annual annual “Dances from Around the World”.  We have one make up day each year and offer support and articles for practice partners.

The cello program which includes classes, guests and projects is $160 per student for each term.

Below is the schedule for classes and lessons. Lessons are a separate tuition fee. 

Register Here for Book 1 Students: GRPCELLO1-21

Register Here for Book 2-3 Students: GRPCELLO2-21

Register Here for Book 4-6 Students: GRPCELLO3-21


September 13-16: Private Lessons

Sunday, September 19: Group Classes

September 20-23: Private Lessons

Sunday, September 26: Group Classes

September 27 – October 3: Private Lessons only

October 4-7: Private Lessons only

October 18-21: Private Lessons

Sunday, October 24: Group Classes

October 25-31: Private Lessons only

November 1-4: Private Lessons

Saturday Sunday, November 6-7

Special Master Classes with Diana Nuttall, Edmonton Alberta November 6 and 7

November 8 – Private Lessons only

November 9-30: Dr. Sera concert tour in Europe

Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2-3: Private Lessons

Sunday, December 5: Group Classes

December 6-9: Private Lessons

Sunday, December 12: Group Classes

December 13-17: Private Lessons

December 17: Solo Recital

December 20: Make up Day

Semester Break/Holiday Break/New Years: December 21-31

January 3-6: Private Lessons

Sunday, January 9: Group Classes

January 10-16: Private Lessons only

January 17-20: Private Lessons

Sunday, January 23: Group Classes – Guest piano Molly MacMillan

January 24-30: Private Lessons only

January 31-February 3: Private Lessons

Sunday, February 6: Group Classes

February 7-10: Private Lessons

Sunday, February 13: Group Classes

February 14-20: Private Lessons only

February 21-26: Winter Break

Sunday, February 27: Group Classes

February 28-March 2: Private Lessons

Sunday, March 6: Group Classes

March 7-13: Private Lessons only

March 14-17: Private Lessons

Sunday, March 20: Group Classes

March 21-27: Private Lessons only

March 28-April 1: Private Lessons

Sunday, April 3: Group Classes

April 4-8: Private Lessons only

April 7: Composers Concert

April 8-18: Spring Break

April 18-21: Private Lessons

Sunday, April 24: Group Classes

April 25- May 1: Private Lessons only

May 2-8: Private Lessons only

May 9-12: Private Lessons

Sunday, May 15: Group Classes, Guest Improviser Chris White

May 16-19: Private Lessons

Sunday, May 22: Group Classes

May 23-29: Private Lessons Only

May 30-June 2: Private Lessons

June 2: Spring Solo Recital

Sunday, June 5: Group Classes

June 6-12: Private Lessons Only

June 13: Dances from Around the World