Level 4 Kodály Musicianship Class

Ages 8-9

Starts February 1, 2022, Online

Tuesday Zoom Class: 6:10-6:35pm

14 classes total

40 minutes of music per week 

Melissa Rooklidge, Kodály Instructor

Course Description:
This course will review concepts from Kodály Level 3 (previous courses not required) and expands to advance musicianship skills. In the fall semester, it will focus on singing and aural skills through solfège in the extended pentatonic scale (“low so, low la, do, re, mi, so, la”), incorporate rhythms (quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes), and new syncopated rhythms (eighth note, quarter note, eighth note). In the spring semester, this course will continue to incorporate the notes and rhythms from the fall semester and add solfège notes (“fa, ti, and high do”) to sing major and minor scales. The spring semester will also add new rhythms of the dotted half note, half rest, whole rest, two combinations of one dotted quarter note and an eighth note, as well as two combinations of a dotted eighth note and a sixteenth note. Students will read, write, compose, and improvise with these notes and rhythms in the major keys of C, G, and F and conduct in simple meters of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4. Utilizing musical materials, classroom instruments, and body percussion, students will learn an array of songs in varying meters, tempos, and keys to continue the development of their musicianship skills. Come experience the joy of making music in Kodály class!

$255 per child for 14 classes total (Scholarships available)


Enrollment remains open after the start date with pro-rated tuition.

*Ages listed are generally appropriate for each level, but further consideration for class placement will be given as needed, based on the student’s musical experience and learning needs.