Cello Studio of Sera Smolen

Cello Studio of Sera Smolen
Lesson & Group Fees
2017-2018 Term (September-June)

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Tuition Information for students of Sera Smolen:

This year, we will have 31 weeks of lessons, 20 weeks of group classes, practice marathon, guitar project, composers project, Dances from Around the World, Winter Workshop Weekend December 2nd, make up days, Opus Ithaca recitals, accompanists, and extra Opus events.
Our Improvisation Tour Group will go to the International Conference in Chicago, April 6-8!

30-minute lessons:
Total amount = $1110 annual
 $555 paid twice (September and January) | $111 (ten months, September – June)

45 Minute lessons: 
Total amount = $1470 annual
$735 paid twice (September and January)$147 each month (ten months, September – June)

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*Please feel free to pay via PayPal or make checks payable to Opus Ithaca.