Fees & Policies

Our tuition system of payment is based on the following rates per lesson:
30 minute lesson = $31
45 minute lesson = $43
60 minute lesson = $57

FALL 2019 term: Monday, September 9 – Saturday, December 21
(15 week period of time – tuition covers 12 lessons in the term)

30 minute lessons ($31) x 12 = $372 or $93 per month
45 minute lessons ($43) x 12 = $516 or $129 per month
60 minute lessons ($57) x 12 = $684 or $171 per month

Annual registration fee (required for all students, private lessons, ensembles, and classes)
Private lesson students:
                    $50 per student or $80 for 2 family members
                    $120 for 3 or more family members
(no additional fee is charged for ensembles or classes if the private registration fee is paid)
ONLY Ensemble students and class students:
                    $25 per student or $40 for 2+ family members

*Registration fee is half price for students joining in Jan-May 2020


COLLEGE STUDENTS:  Please see information and rates on the “College Student” header to the left of this page.


How our payment system works:

At Opus Ithaca, students enroll in a full term of weekly lessons.

Students can enroll in lessons at any time of the term depending on availability for each teacher.

Tuition is a prepayment of lessons at the beginning of the term- based on an estimation of how many lessons the student will have in the term. We charge for three fewer lessons than there are weeks of the term, and adjustments are made at the end of the term based on the actual number of lessons the student had. Sometimes the student will attend all of the lessons of the term, and therefore owe more than the tuition estimation. Sometimes a student will need to be credited or refunded at the end of a term- if a student has missed more than 3 “excused” lessons (which is how many weeks are left unpaid in each term). Excused missed lessons are explained below.

Payment for Fall 2019 term (dates shown above) includes 12 lessons in a 15 week period of time.

Lessons must be paid in full at the beginning of the term OR you may choose to pay in equal monthly payments at the beginning of each month of the term. (The monthly payment amount is the total tuition cost divided by the number of months in the term, not the amount of lessons that occur each month). Fall term has 4 months, Winter/Spring has 6 months.

Any extra lessons (more than the number of lessons covered in the tuition) at the end of the term can be paid for “a la carte”.

Any student starting a term late will be pro-rated. Lessons can begin at any time! We adjust your payment schedule.

Because of our flexibility in allowing for a few missed lessons (reasonable excused lessons), not all missed lessons require make-ups. Each teacher has a different policy on make up lessons based on their schedules and availability. Please check with individual teachers regarding their policy.

Missed lessons:
If a student misses a lesson it is up to the discretion of the private teacher to determine if the circumstances of the missed lesson warrants a make-up lesson, or if the missed lesson can be counted as an excused lesson.

It is Opus Ithaca’s policy that any last minute cancellations (within hours), or simply “forgotten” lessons will be charged (extraordinary circumstances may be considered).
If the teacher misses a lesson: If a student was not able to make all of the prepaid lessons in the term and the cancellation of the lesson was made by the teacher, there are three possible options for the student.
1) a make-up lesson will be given,
2) a credit will be given to the student toward the next term, or
3) money for the remaining lesson(s) will be reimbursed to you.
Please note: Opus Ithaca does not follow the ICSD schedule for our lessons. If there is no school because of Superintendent’s days or minor holidays, we are usually still holding our private lessons. Each individual teacher is responsible for canceling lessons. If you are uncertain about lessons on a day there is no school, always contact your teacher to find out if lessons are still being held. Contact individual private teachers for cancellations due to weather.

Scholarships: At Opus Ithaca, we believe that quality music lessons should be available to anyone, regardless of financial circumstances. We are proud to offer a robust scholarship program, providing financial assistance to families with demonstrated financial need. If you would like to apply for a scholarship to Opus Ithaca, please email info@opusithaca.org.