Suzuki Flute Group

Suzuki Flute Group

Suzuki Flute Group is for flute students in books 1-3, led by Liz Shuhan. Group lessons are a good opportunity for the teacher to use review repertoire in order to practice more advanced skills.  Because students are continually reviewing, they have more time to learn a new skill, rather than trying to remember their repertoire. Participating in group lessons is also a great way for students to get experience performing in front of an audience.  When students begin to play regularly at a young age in front of others, they gain confidence and learn to enjoy sharing their music. This class is open to flute students in Books 1-3. If interested, please contact Elizabeth Shuhan at

Time: 1:00PM

Dates: 9/16     9/30    10/7     10/14  
10/28     11/4     11/18     12/9     12/16

COST: $80