Kodály Musicianship Class
Level Two

Grades 1-2*
Thursdays 4:30-5:15pm (45 minute class)

This course will review concepts from Kodály Level 1 and the first semester of Level 2, and students will further progress their musicianship skills. It will focus on developing the singing voice, incorporating solfège (do, mi, so, la) and students will sing, read, write on the staff with these notes and rhythms (quarter note, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, half note, and quarter rest). They will also learn the following musical terminology: staff, bar line, double bar line, stem, note head, and time signature. Students will learn and listen to a variety of songs and instrumental pieces to guide the development of their musicianship skills.

Cost is $275 for 15 classes.

Classes begin January 24 – REGISTER HERE

*Ages are listed for generally appropriate levels, but further consideration for class placement will be given as needed, based on a student’s musical experience and learning needs.