Kodály Musicianship Class
Level Three

Grades 3-4*
Fridays 5:30-6:15pm (45 minute class)

This course is for students new to the Kodaly methodology in grades 3-5 and students previously enrolled in Level 2 (Level 2 not required to enroll in this course). It will focus on developing musicianship skills through singing and aural skills through solfège in the pentatonic scale (do, re, mi, so, la) through songs, rounds, and incorporating melodic ostinati (repeated patterns). It will continue to build music literacy skills with the following rhythms and in various combinations: quarter note, eighth notes, half note, sixteenth notes and quarter rest.. Students will read, write, compose, and improvise with these notes and rhythms in the major keys C, G, and F. They will conduct in simple meters of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, and will develop inner hearing skills through a variety of exercises. Students will review musical terminology covered in Level 2, and will also learn the letter names of the treble clef, repeat sign, sharps, flats, binary, and ternary form. 

Cost is $275 for 15 classes.

Classes begin January 25 – REGISTER HERE

*Ages are listed for generally appropriate levels, but further consideration for class placement will be given as needed, based on a student’s musical experience and learning needs.