Kodály and Musicianship Classes – Aural Skills


Aural Skills- Level 1
Ages: 10-12*

This course is focused on building strong aural skills through solfège with the major scale, group and solo songs, sight-reading, simple part-songs, rounds, melodic and rhythmic ostinati, as well as continuing to build music literacy skills with more rhythms. This will benefit young instrumentalists and singers to develop inner hearing skills, in-tune awareness and phrasing, by singing and playing on their instruments in class in order to transfer learning to perform at a higher level in their private lesson instruction.


Aural Skills- Level 2
Ages: 13-15*

Building upon concepts taught in Aural Skills Level 1, this course incorporates more advanced aural skills through singing and sight-reading in major, minor, and chromatic scales using solfège, advanced group and solo songs, part-songs, rounds, canons, and melodic and rhythmic ostinati. Additionally, this course incorporates more advanced rhythms and musicianship skills. Students will sing and play on their private lesson instrument(s) to hone advanced inner hearing skills.


Please note: We will contact registered students to confirm once we have settled the date/time for classes before billing.

*Ages are listed for generally appropriate levels, but further consideration for class placement will be given as needed, based on a student’s musical experience and learning needs.

Classes beginning Wednesday/Thursday afternoons in January 2018.