Summer Camps 2020

To keep our students safe during COVID-19,

Opus Summer camps are going VIRTUAL!

Same great camps – now via video!

We know our kids do not want to spend too much time in front of a screen. Our new shortened hours will be packed with great musical activities, allowing them to grow as musicians and have fun along the way.

All camps will be via ZOOM.

(Please see information needed for successful camp experience at the bottom of this page)

Scholarships available upon request. Email for more information.


July 6-10  Jazz Camp |3 hour daily virtual camp | Ages 12-18

TIMES TBA (stay tuned!)

Join us for a week of jazz, improvisation, jazz history, listening, and all things jazz!

This camp will be via ZOOM, and is for drum, bass, guitar, piano, brass, and woodwind students. Instructors include Opus Ithaca jazz faculty and friends: Paul Merrill, Melissa Gardiner, Peter Chwazik, and Mike Treat.

We will finish our week with a virtual recording!


July 27-31  Piano Camp | 2 hour daily virtual camp | Ages 8-18 (2+ years of lessons)

9:30am-11:30am ages 8-11

12:30pm-2:30pm ages 12-18

Opus Ithaca Piano Camp is a week of musical fun for kids over 8 with at least two years of piano lessons. From home, pianists at the camp will explore improvisation, practice ear training and theory, and have a lot of fun with music. Students will learn about and listen to different musical styles and composers with performances from guests and other Opus Piano Faculty.

For our older and more advanced students, special classes are designed to enhance theory and ear training skills, as well as technique and performance.

Each student will have one lesson with an Opus Ithaca faculty member.
A performance for friends and family will be on Friday via Zoom.


Andi Merrill
Jessica Caporizzo


August 3-7  Flute Camp | 2 and 1/2 hour daily virtual camp | Ages 8-18


Come experience a fun week of fluting!

Opus Ithaca Flute Camp is a week of flute fun for kids 8-18. From home, flutists at the camp will participate in group flute classes learning about tone and technique. Each student will receive a private lesson and will experience a flute guest artist each day of the week with virtual performances given by the guest artists.

* Camp fees include 2 hours of instruction each day with camp faculty and a private lesson with one of our faculty or guest artists.

Elizabeth Shuhan, camp director—  Opus Ithaca
Juliana May Pepinsky, Opus Ithaca and Cornell
Other instructors TBA!


August 10-14  Improvisation Camp for Strings, Flute & Piano | 2 hour daily virtual camp | Ages 8-17

Morning session: 9:30 am – 11:30 am
8-11 years old, minimum 1 year of private lessons

Afternoon session: 12:30pm – 2:30 pm
Ages 12 – 17, minimum 2 years private lessons

We will place students in the appropriate level for camp based on their ability and experience.

Even from home, students can learn to improvise! By remembering there is no such thing as a mistake, they will build confidence in their ability to create interesting melodies and patterns. Students will improvise musical phrases, create their own soundtrack with a short film, play rhythm games, and improvise in blues, folk, and other musical styles.

Older students will improvise in different keys, using more interesting rhythmic and melodic patterns as they improvise over various bass lines and chord progressions. Students will receive the opportunity to record and compile tracks to put together their own tune!

* Camp fees include 2 hours of instruction each day plus a video/recording of the improv project that students will record during the week.

Sera Smolen
Jessica Caporizzo


August 17-21  High School Musicianship Workshop | 1 and 1/2 hour daily virtual camp | Ages 14-18


Students will enhance their musicianship skills through music theory and aural skills at home! This workshop will include an hour and a half of daily interactive Zoom lessons that explore theory and aural exercises, solfège, interval training, chord analysis, score study, composition, music history, and more. Come learn with faculty Melissa Rooklidge and guest artists!

Melissa Rooklidge


August 24-28  Choir Camp | 2 hour daily virtual camp|Ages 9-13


Experience the joy of singing at home! Choir Camp will consist of 2 hours of daily interactive Zoom rehearsals with a variety of songs, vocal techniques, Kodály musicianship activities with solfège, rhythms, musical games, movement, diction and more. The week will conclude with a virtual choir performance project with the participants. Come learn with faculty Melissa Rooklidge and guest artists!

Melissa Rooklidge


August 31-September 4  Kodály Musicianship Camp | 1/2 hour daily virtual camp | Ages 5-7


Experience the joy of making music through songs, games, and creative activities at home! Each day will consist of daily 30 minute interactive Zoom lessons followed by musical crafts and activity sheets for students to complete at home after the Zoom lessons (materials will be provided). Students will explore the foundation of musical literacy and aural skills by developing their singing voice, internalizing the beat, experiencing musical comparatives (high vs. low notes, fast vs. slow tempos, etc.) beginning notes and rhythms, and an introduction to a variety of instruments. Come learn and play with faculty Melissa Rooklidge and guest artists!

Melissa Rooklidge




Once student has registered via google form, a PayPal bill will be sent via email for a $75 non-refundable deposit, due upon receipt. When the deposit has been received, your camp spot will be reserved. Registration is closed one month before the camp starts. A second bill will be sent at this time. The remainder of the tuition is due two weeks before the starting date.

If spots for camps fill up due to increased demand, we will do our best to offer more sessions and times for each camp.

If your family is not already a part of Opus, there will also be a $10 registration fee for each camp.

All classes will be held via Zoom.

Do you have a device that will support zoom instruction?

Typically, Zoom and music lessons, recitals and group activities do not work well on google Chrome books.

Does your family have a device that will work?

Will your home internet be able to connect ok and have a strong bandwidth, so that your musician will be heard and seen clearly? Also, we at Opus know that the internet and zoom will have it’s issues from time to time. We will do everything on our end to facilitate and make sure it works. Before camp, we will send special Zoom settings for your device to make music audio better for the other listeners, and we ask that you help set this up on your device in advance.

Please know that Opus can’t be held accountable because of the connectivity and internet glitches that sometimes happen. No refunds can be given due to technical issues.


Special circumstances considered. Scholarships available upon request. Email for scholarship information.