🌻 Dear friends in the Opus Community,

Due to the effects of COVID-19 sweeping through our world, Opus Ithaca has suspended all of our group classes and ensembles for the time being. This includes any class over 2 people, with a few exceptions of video groups lessons run by some teachers. It is the right thing to do…we must participate in social distancing for a while- and we want everyone to be safe.

We are keeping as many one-on-one lessons going as possible!  🎶

Video teaching is possible for MOST of our teachers, and we encourage as many students to continue working with your teachers if it is possible. Our kids (and adults!) need some consistency and positivity right now-  making music is more important than ever.  AND- our teachers need to work, so it is a win for everyone. Many methods of video lessons are possible. Please contact your teacher to find out their plans.

If your income is negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and you are struggling to pay for lessons, please let us know at info@opusithaca.org. We may be able to offer temporary scholarships to get you through this time- which in turn would keep your teacher working.

I have been truly grateful for so many of our Opus family reaching out to help each other, our teachers, our students, and the school. Thank you. Your support means the world to me, and to Opus.

This is a surreal experience. Let’s all do the best we can- day by day.
And keep making music. Listen to your favorite songs. A lot.

Our spirits need it right now. 💛

Hang in there, everyone. Looking forward to the other side of this- where hugs and choral singing are possible again-


Dr. Andrea Merrill

Executive Director of Opus Ithaca